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Main » 2012 » April » 25 » Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1526.0 x86 and x64

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1526.0 x86 and x64
9:34 PM

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1526.0 x86 and x64 | 10 MB + 12 MB

Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft's antivirus that protects your home computer in real time from viruses, spyware and other malicious programs. Antivirus is easy to use and always keep up to date to protect your computer by using the latest technologies. It is not difficult to determine whether or computer: if the color green - all good. It's very simple.

The program is easy to install and easy to use. Updates and software upgrades are automatic, but says the protection status of the program icon. If it's green - everything is in order and you should not worry. Similarly, passes and activities of the program: it works in the background, automatically carrying out their jobs, and attracts the attention of the user only when necessary to its operation. The program does not take a lot of system resources and does not interfere with quiet operation for the PC.

According to the tests, leading the expert group (, Microsoft Security Essentials protects against 98.4% of all viruses. This level is comparable to that paid by competitors. At the same MSE is absolutely free to all owners of licensed copies of Windows. In addition, the scanning speed Security Essentials showed results comparable to other paid antivirus software.

Changes in the Microsoft Security Essentials :
* Enhanced protection by automatically correcting harmful effects: Security Essentials will automatically apply the recommended action to threats with a high level of risk. No user action is not required;

* Improved performance: the beta version includes many improvements that optimize the work of anti-virus and allow a lesser extent, affect the performance of your computer. The development team worked closely to optimize the virus to his work does not appear on the performance of your PC;

* A simplified user interface: a simplified interface Microsoft Security Essentials Beta makes it easier to use antivirus program, and will look into it, even for beginners;

* New and improved anti-virus engine: new engine offers improved detection of threats with the ability to clear infection and higher productivity. Updating the antivirus engine has increased the accuracy of detection of malicious software, to exclude a larger number of false positives and speed up the process of removing threats detected

Features and advantages of the Microsoft Security Essentials:
* Protects in real time
* Checking the system
* Cleaning the system
* Integration with Windows Firewall
* Observing the behavior of the system in real time
* Dynamic Signature Service
* Anti-rootkit software packages
* Protection against false alarms
* Network Inspection System

All program options are concentrated in four tabs:

1. Home (Home) - provides a brief overview of your settings and click Scan Now (Scan Now).

2. Update (Update) - where you can manually update the virus signature database.

3. History (History) - a kind of system log, which records all seen on your computer and deleted malware-software.

4. Settings (Settings) - in this tab displays the basic settings of the program. Most likely most of the time in the use of Microsoft Security Essentials, you'll be on the tab Home, as the saying goes, "set and forget."

Microsoft Security Essentials is compatible with operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Anti requires the user to minimum participation. In fact, it is limited to installation and acceptance to remove malicious files and programs. In this case, due to a number of mechanisms, such as limiting the CPU load, scanning during rest, intelligent caching and memory use, it works almost invisibly to the user and does not affect the speed of your computer. Probably, this criterion does not, however, and perhaps more important than the "arms race" in the field of algorithms and methods for the detection of viruses, which most home users simply do not know and do not want to know.

Key features:
* Perfect protection against malicious software
* Auto-update
* Ease of use


Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1526.0 x86

Download links :

Use Premium for Unlimited download speed

Download mseinstall.exe - 9.8 MB

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1526.0 x64

Download links :

Use Premium for Unlimited download speed

Download mseinstall_x64.exe - 12.1 MB

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