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Main » 2010 » March » 24 » VanDyke VShell Server With Ftps v3.6.2.446 32 bit and 64 bit

VanDyke VShell Server With Ftps v3.6.2.446 32 bit and 64 bit
7:27 PM

Whether your needs focus on remote access and administration or secure file transfer, the VShell server has a full range of capabilities that enable you to:

* Provide strong, multi-protocol security for data in transit
* Control user access to features and files
* Set up and configure the server easily
* Monitor and log events with automation support
* Tune licensing to your requirements with connection-based editions

In a network environment where you are confronted daily with new security threats to fight with limited resources, you need technology that is secure, professionally supported, and based on open standards. The VShell server lets you close Telnet and FTP security holes with a commercially supported Secure Shell package, fulfilling your need for secure network administration, file transfer, and end-user access on a variety of Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.With the VShell server you can save critical admin time by tracking network conditions with automation tools like triggers. Exercise precise access management through VShell's Access Control Lists (ACLs) and SFTP virtual directories.

FTP over SSL and a Control Panel makeover are two of the exciting new changes in VShell 3.5.

* Three New Editions of VShell with FTP over SSL (FTPS) Support:
o VShell with FTPS is now available in Administrator, Workgroup, and Enterprise Editions.
o Secure file transfer using the FTP protocol in which all data sent or received is protected by SSL/TLS based encryption.
o The FTPS module honors existing VShell settings for Virtual Roots, Access Control Lists, Connection Filters, Triggers, Deny Host, Logging, and User Database.
* Logging:
o New W3C extended log file format allows the use of third party log tools to analyze VShell activity.
o All log messages can now be sent to a remote syslog or syslog-ng server.
o All log messages can now (optionally) be sent to the Windows Event Log.
* VShell Control Panel Makeover:
o Increased size of the VShell Control Panel.
o Changed layout of Virtual Roots page to allow easier configuration.
o Support for sortable columns on Virtual Roots, User Database, and RunAs Commands pages.
* Internal User Database: Configure VShell specific users through the new VShell Control Panel User Database page. The VShell defined users are separate from Windows System accounts.
* Disconnect Active Sessions: Administrator can now use the "who" command-line utility to disconnect active sessions.
* RunAs Commands: Users connecting to VShell can now remotely execute commands as a different user. The VShell administrator has control over who can remotely execute a command as a different user, which commands they can execute, and who the commands are executed as.
* VShell Service Control: Start and stop the VShell SSH2 and VShell FTPS services from the VShell Control Panel Common page.

VanDyke VShell Server With Ftps v3.6.2.446 32 bit

Size : 22.8 MB

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VanDyke VShell Server With Ftps v3.6.2.446 32 bit and 64 bit

Size : 21.7 MB

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