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Kaspersky Open Space Security Suite 2011 (Includes Keys) | 686 Mb

Kaspersky Open Space Security ensures your infrastructure company with broad anti-malware world class in one integrated suite of applications that work perfectly on all platforms. Each workstation, laptop, file server, mail server, Internet gateway or smart phone is fully protected, giving you confidence that the network is secure, if you work in the office, remote or at home. This approach is the high value of Kaspersky Lab.

Why Kaspersky Open Space Security
New and refreshed corporate security products far exceed industry standards and are suitable for all nodes in the network, but do the minimum requirements on your network of valuable resources. Optimized security systems are easy to deploy, administer and maintain, increasing your level of security while signifi ... Read more »

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Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2010 Pro Internet Security 9.0.5 | 9 MB

Ad-Aware Internet Security gives you the power to combat identity thieves and cyber threats, including the most complex forms of malware, protecting you from viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, password stealers, and much more. With minimal strain on system resources and advanced real-time detection technology, Ad-Aware gives you the ability to use the Internet how, when, and where you want - without the worry.


* Complete Malware Protection, Including Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
* Ad-Watch Live! Expert Real-time Protection
* NEW! Genotype Detection Technology
* NEW! Behavior-Based Heuristics Detection
* NEW! Expert Level Rootkit Removal System
* NEW! The Neutralizer Malware Removal Tool
* NEW! Do Not Disturb Mode
... Read more »

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KeyScrambler Premium | 2 MB

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes in the kernel and decrypts it at the destination application, leaving Keyloggers with indecipherable keys to record. For your personal office, family, and business, KeyScrambler adds a reliable layer of defense. It works even on security compromised computers.

It is compatible with other security programs and authentication methods such as tokens and smart cards. It requires no effort on your part and lets you see encryption live. For web browsing + work + play. KeyScrambler Pro protects all your inputs in IE, Firefox, Opera, and Flock, and nearly 80 other browsers and apps: Popular Browsers; Email Clients; IM/VoIP Clients; Password Managers; Zip Programs; Online Games; New! Text Editors...

Download links:

... Read more »

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AnyPassword Pro 1.07 | 1.63 MB

AnyPassword Pro is a full-featured password manager that lets you store passwords, user IDs, and related information together in a safe place. The program saves passwords, fills login forms, automatically logs you into a web site or program. AnyPassword Pro keeps all your sensitive data in a secure password storage protected with a strong encryption. A built-in password generator helps you to create unique secure passwords that are difficult to guess. The program supports tree-type data structure, advanced search, import and export of data, and much more.

Download links:


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