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Main » 2008 » November » 21 » Utimaco SafeGuard Easy v4.50.2.17

Utimaco SafeGuard Easy v4.50.2.17
3:05 PM

UTIMACO Safeware A/G SafeGuard Easy - provides total company-wide protection for sensitive information on laptops and workstations. Boot protection, pre-boot user authentication and hard disk encryption using powerful algorithms guarantee against unauthorized access and hacker attacks. SafeGuard Easy is both simple to install and operates transparently in the background. Unauthorized persons are prohibited from accessing the system because pre-boot authentication (PBA) requires the authentication of the user before the operating system is started. PBA cannot be manipulated and therefore guarantees maximum security.

Many other protection programs are ineffective because they permit the readout of the keys or passwords from the hard disk. SafeGuard Easy prevents this by generating the code key required for boot-up from the typed password. Even hard disk analysis tools become ineffective against SafeGuard Easy.
Unlike other solutions which encode only selected files or directories, SafeGuard Easy encodes the entire content of the hard disk. This means that all the information on the hard disk is protected - regardless of where the data is stored.
Utimaco Safeware uses powerful algorithms and encryption methods to ensure that operating processes are executed efficiently and without delays.
SafeGuard Easy provides boot virus protection to resist boot sector viruses - hazardous sabotage tools that operate by interfering with the Master Boot Record and allowing hackers to gain control over the PC.
SafeGuard Easy lives up to its name within all organizations regardless of their size. The software can be installed conveniently throughout the company using configuration files without user intervention. SafeGuard Easy also allows user-specific privileges to be defined (e.g. disabling disk encryption).

What is new SafeGuard Easy in the version4.40 has the following most important new features: The latest version of SafeGuard Easy contains many new functions, among other things certification to FIPS 140-2 (Level 1) and compatibility to Absolute is Computrace Software.

Integrated boot manager (TWIN-BOOT) - Today, it is a frequent requirement that a laptop is hard disk is split into a private, unprotected partition, managed by the user, and an encrypted partition that is managed by the user is company. SafeGuard Easy now provides an integrated boot manager for this purpose, with which configurations of this kind, or similar ones, can be implemented easily and securely, from one central point. In this way the company data remains protected and the user has absolute freedom on their private partition, even when it comes to choosing the operating system.

Removable media encryption now also covers USB memory media - The range of removable media supported by SafeGuard Easy has now been extended to include the current generation of Plug and Play memory cards (USB memory sticks), so they can also be used for secure data exchange.

In addition, it is now possible to temporarily switch encryption for an individual floppy drive or removable media disk drive on or off, separately from the others.

The system areas, individual partitions or a maximum of four hard disks can be encrypted SafeGuard Easy supports the following file systems: FAT-12, FAT-16, FAT- 32, HPFS, NTFS and NTFS5.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft 2000 Server, on Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server - is not supported!, works on Windows XP Home/Professional and Server 2003 Standard Edition.
Microsoft Windows XP with ServicePack 2 - is support!
Supported memory media: Hard disks (IDE, SCSI, serial ATA, PCMCIA, Firewire, USB), Floppy disks Removable media such as ZIP/JAZ, USB memory sticks.

- The entry fields for the passwords in the Responsecode Wizard showed. This was improved to show now.
- It could happen that the computer hung with a blank screen with the cursor blinking in the upper left corner of the monitor afterhaving entered the user credentials in the PBA. This is fixed now.
- A BSOD could occur when a USB device was removed without using the hardware removal tool of Windows. This was a problem in the SGE filter driver and is fixed now.
- The New Hardware found - Wizard now also does no longer start after the mirgration of SGE from an earlier version.
- An error in the display of the correct encryption state in SGESTATE was fixed.
- It could happen that the WksCfgSrv crashed after the logon of a user to Windows. This is fixed now.
- The task bar now shows when an open SGE application is on the desktop.
- The icon for the FIPS monitor was not restored after an explorer restart.

Size : 48.9 MB






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