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Main » 2011 » June » 16 » Online Armor Personal Firewall Premium Final

Online Armor Personal Firewall Premium Final
8:30 PM

Online Armor Personal Firewall Premium Final | 22 MB

Online Armor Personal Firewall Premium - is a personal firewall that protects your Internet connection on your computer (incoming and outgoing connections). Online Armor Premium Personal Firewall provides multiple methods of protection, including does not run programs that the user did not give permission to run, detects keyloggers and perform many other protective funktsiy.Tak that if you go to a dangerous Web site, the malicious software it will not be able to seamlessly install on your PC - Online Armor Premium Personal Firewall does not allow it.
New Personal Online Armor Premium Personal Firewall provides complete protection for your PC against incoming threats and full control over your data.

Online Armor Premium Personal Firewall - a multidisciplinary system of computer security, at the same time it is very easy to use. is one of the most flexible methods of protection system provides a number of features to meet all the established rules and supports a variety of customization options. Convenient, very easy to setup - no nonsense, non-conflict with other software and a very effective firewall.

Includes features like "HIPS", which give the opportunity to prevent the launch unknown programs (until it is not given the user's permission, security program, vklyuchnnye a database firewall, run without prompts). Online Armor has the most powerful antilikovoy protection. With the default settings at this time shows in this respect, the best result among firewalls, blocking 100pc leak test. Has the function of a manual update.

* Protect passwords and personal information from keyloggers.
* Filter-mail and Web content.
* Protection against spam.
* Blocking Cookie.
* Separation of Web sites for those who can be trusted and can not.
* Detect and remove viruses, spyware and other malicious software.
* Options screen.
* Browser security.
* Check the DNS and the hosts.
* Protection against worms and Trojans.
* Startup Manager.
* Protection against unauthorized closing of the program.

Key Features Online Armor Premium Personal Firewall

* Protect Online Banking
Banking Online Armor Mode is a feature that blocks the session at a time when you make your financial transactions.
* DNS Checker
This feature protects against programs that manipulate your Windows, their settings and try to direct you to fake sites.
* Hosts Checker
Checks your HOST file, and if it has changed - tells you about it.
* Autoruns Management
Allows you to control what programs run automatically on your computer. This allows us to help deal with spyware and optimize performance of your computer.
* Keylogger detection
Online Armor protects your passwords and confidential information from being stolen by blocking the keylogger as it tries to sneak into your system. Method of detecting Online Armor ensures that even specially created or new keyloggers are detected and killed!
* Web Shield
Many websites use tricks to install malicious software on your computer. Type of software can range from annoying popup ads, even software designed to steal information or your deception.
Online Armor Premium Personal Firewall is one of the best firewall programs available that provides complete online protection and blocks online threats without slowing down PC performance.

The program comes with keylogger guard, tamper protection, web filter and worm protection. In addition, this premium version also offers protection tools which are not available in the free version like antispyware protection, phishing filters, banking mode and HIPS function, which blocks unrecognized program and protects users from new threats and attacks.

Key Components:
* Personal Firewall
* Identity Theft Protection
* Anti-Spyware
* DNS Checker
* Hosts Checker
* Tamper Protection
* Web Filter
* Light on Pop-ups

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