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Main » 2011 » August » 1 » Advanced Encryption Package 2011 v5.53

Advanced Encryption Package 2011 v5.53
4:48 PM

Advanced Encryption Package 2011 v5.53 | 8 Mb

Encryption technology is a difficult thing, especially if you are not technical savvy. How is an older family member supposed to figure out how to create self-decrypting file, securely delete file, use Public Key Infrastructure to receive mails securely?

It is possible to store all your encryption passwords on USB Flash Drive. You just need to remember single Master Password for the password vault on this USB memory stick. No need to keep 20 passwords in mind when you can store these encryption keys on flash memory in an encrypted form and remember just one password.

It might sound simplistic, but strong passwords are a must for good security. And good password is combination of several words that aren't themselves a word interspersed with special characters (e.g., !4scOrE&sDayNYeaRs_ag0)

AEP PRO includes the PKI keys manager and the key generator tool. It generates pair of public/private keys with strength: 512, 768, 1024 or 2048 bit.
RSA encryption is used with strong symmetric encryption algorithms together. Public key is used to encrypt randomly generated password. And this password is used to encrypt whole file.
AEP PRO can protect private key file by password. So, you can store your decryption keys in an open form on USB sticks, windows folders, etc. It can be stolen but cannot be used.


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